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Production Facility Materials Handler

Warehouse - Recycling

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Location: Aldergrove, BC, Canada
Job ID: 2019-11125

This is a Full-Time Day Job – Monday-Friday

    Recycler Job Description

Reports to: Production Manager or Warehouse Logistics Manager, Central Processing Center (CPC)

The purpose of this position is to provide efficient support to the production department /CPC, to keep sellable/recyclable items out of the dumpster/compactor, to increase the efficiency and productivity of the production process, to expedite transfer of merchandise and to actively engage customers using the Five Elements of the Customer Experience.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

% of Time

Building a Culture of Customer Service*: Provides customers with friendly, helpful and efficient service in every interaction. Friendly: Smile, make eye contact and greet when customer comes close. Helpful: Obtain assistance if a customer indicates the need. Efficient: Keep shopper conversations short in order to return to tasks.


Maintaining Production Room*: Supplies merchandise to all departments throughout the day, keeping production flowing. Moves sorted merchandise from the sorting tables to individual workstations. Provides an ample supply of hangers for the sorting table and side departments.



Material Handling: Empties recycle and trash barrels as needed. Moves backstock boxes, bins and barrels as needed. Reroute merchandise and/or process rerouted merchandise to standard as applicable.



Backstocking (CPC only): Processes merchandise into or out of backstock to standard as applicable. Operates the backstock station. Tags full backstock bags, labels and records them with weight and date, and places them in storage until seasonal demand occurs. Unloads backstock bags onto incoming conveyor. Straps soft goods together and loads them into crates and other conveyances. Prepares all conveyances for loading of the trucks.




Recycling Responsibilities: Pays close attention to items placed in the dumpster/compactor to determine if they are sellable or can be recycled. Shares findings with manager to evaluate trends in recycled items (e.g. what is and

is not selling).



Unloading Trucks: Assists in daily unloading of merchandise delivery. Loads boxes and bags onto receiving crates and moves crates to the storage area (CPC). Keeps an accurate account of merchandise transferred between areas.



Workstation: Maintains total cleanliness throughout the outside and inside of the store / CPC, including compactor area, in order to maintain safety and the most efficient production possible. Follows guidelines for cleaning & common spaces throughout shift and at end of shift. Includes, but is not limited to sweeping floors, emptying trash, cleaning up breakage and spills and keeping the back-dock area clean. Operates compactor as needed. Prepares the

production room for the following day.




Operating Baler: Collects and loads all appropriate items onto the correct conveyor or baler. Operates baler, unloads bales from the machine.


Transferring Merchandise: Moves and transfers merchandise from trucks and trailers to outbound containers or receiving areas when necessary. Keeps an accurate account of all merchandise that has been transferred. May operate a forklift, pallet jack or electric pallet jack or other equipment to assist with movement of merchandise (as applicable by store). Operation of a forklift and/or battery powered pallet jack will require certification and testing (provided by Savers).



As needed

Meeting Targets: Regularly meets processing targets as assigned by manager. Meets with manager to review results, discuss successes and opportunities, and make changes as directed to improve sales.



Loss Prevention: Follows loss prevention procedures, including but not limited to reporting internal or external theft to a manager.



Safety: Follows standards in place to protect Team Members, shoppers, and donors to provide a safe environment to work and shop in. This includes but is not limited to, picking up loose items on the floor, cleaning up breakages or spills, cleaning and disinfecting to required standards, and following product safety guidelines. Takes responsibility for

reporting any hazard or injury to a manager. Wears personal protective equipment following the PPE guidelines for this position.




Other: Other tasks as assigned by manager. This can include working in, and/or assisting another Team Member in, a different area of the store/CPC, or specific tasks such as general recovery, customer service, cleaning (including cleaning bathrooms and breakrooms), etc. Stacks boxes and or recyclables on pallets for weight verification. Shrink wrap as needed.


As assigned


The percentages expressed above are approximate and meant as a general guideline for how time and effort is

distributed in execution of this role. These will vary up or down depending on assigned tasks. A Team Member may

b.e asked to exclusively perform only one job function or be assigned combinations of multiple tasks.

* Not applicable at CPC.


Management Responsibilities: None


Mandatory Traits and Requirements:


1.       Ability to read and write.

2.       Customer service skills requiring courtesy and good communication skills.

3.       Ability to concentrate and pay close attention to detail.

4.       Excellent eye-hand coordination for the operation of machinery.

5.       Able to successfully complete training and testing for operation of heavy equipment (eg. Baler).

6.       The Recycler position must be 18 years or older (CPC and U.S. Stores Only).


Education: Ability to perform basic math calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, averages and measurements) at the level normally required in high school.


Physical Skills Required:


         Lifting and carrying 50 lbs.

         Lifting and carrying with a hand truck 100 to 150 lbs.

         Ability to climb and descend stairs repeatedly throughout shift.

         Reaching overhead 30% of time

         Pushing and pulling 65% of time

         Standing 100% of time

         Bending and crouching 60% of time

         Repetitive use of hands 70% of time

         Grasping items with hands 80% of time

         Ability to operate large machinery such as a baler or pallet jack.


Working Conditions:


1.       Continuous exposure to dust.

2.       Required to wear a headset for communication purposes.

3.       Exposure to temperature fluctuations periodically.

4.       Flexible with scheduling changes due to store/CPC needs and sales events.

5.       May require overtime from time to time due to store/CPC needs.

6.       Always wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

7.       Working near conveyors *CPC only.

8.       Exposure to noise from machinery *CPC only.



This Job Description is not to be construed as a complete statement of duties, responsibilities, or requirements. The percentages are approximate and can be different in each store.




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